Climate Change Adaptation through Rainwater Harvesting (CCATRH)

Start: 2013-01-01 - Complete: 2013-06-01

UEMS has taken climate change as the cross cutting issues in water project as it has highly affected source depletion in many parts of the country. In urban areas, ground water depletion can be attributed to climate change and its consequent effect in rainfall pattern. Thus, rainwater harvesting has been considered as the appropriate technology to recharge ground water. UEMS has installed more than 100 household and community based rainwater harvesting structures to recharge ground water. Rainwater harvesting has considerably supported to augment ground water however recharge rate depends of hydro-geology of the area and increased no. of rainwater harvesting structures will increase its effectiveness and impact.

“Installation of rainwater system in community dug well of has supported to distribute water for drinking purpose in our community twice-a-day which otherwise was hardly sufficient to distribute once-a-day. Expansion of rainwater harvesting in other areas can decrease water hardship” says Mr. Bulal Maharjan, 68, Agnishala-19, Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City.


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Climate Change Adaptation And Disaster Risk Management