A Pilot Project on Household Based Solid Waste Management (PPHBSWM)

Start: 2006-01-01 - Complete: 2006-01-01

Project Area: Macha Ga:, ward 17, LSMC

Project Duration: 2006

Household based solid waste management in the core city area of Lalitpur has been initiated by UEMS. A pilot project is implemented in the Macha Ga: tole ward no. 17 of LSMC with the financial support from MoEST and LSMC provided the compost bins in subsidy rate. Saa Pucha, an active group of women under UEMS was mobilized in the project. The project increased awareness on household waste management, provided trainings to 40 women on bin composting and distributed 25 compost bins.

“This programme has found to be very good because it checked outbreak of disease and generated income as well. The compost bin should be distributed as per demand of the community. It should be follow-up after distribution of compost bins and it could be hand over to women group for the management of the solid waste” says Ms. Sanumaiya Maharjan, 40, Taranni-9, Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City.




Waste Management