Partnership for Safe Water Campaign (SWC)

Start: 2008-08-03 - Complete: 2010-01-03

Partner: ENPHO/ The Coco Cola Campany

Project Area: Lalitpur Sub Metropolitan City

This project was designed to promote point of use (PoU) water treatment options at the households and institutional level by creating awareness among the citizen’s of Lalitpur Submetropolis. The project was launched to reduce diarrhoeal episodes faced by Lalitpur every year. Through this project, more than 4,000 people from local authority, community people, women groups, youth clubs, health workers, school children, journalists were aware on safe water and PoU options. Altogether 10 schools were established as “PoU Model School” and 4 communities were declared as “Safe Water Zones”. The end evaluation showed reduction of water borne diseases and increase in demand of PoU options, In addition, more than 70% monitored households continued to use PoU options on regular basis.




Water, Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH)