Community Based Bottled Water Distribution System (CBBWDS)

Start: 2014-07-03 - Complete: 2014-07-03

Community Based Bottled Water Distribution System: Upscaling Water Bottling System for Urban Poor Communities in Kathmandu Valley

Co-Partner: UN-Habitat, PPPUE/UNDP, KUKL

Project Area: Dhalko, KMC

Project Duration: 2008/09 - 2010/11 (3 years)
After the successful implementation of pilot water bottling project at Chyasal, this project has been replicated in water deprived community of Dhalko-17, KMC to scale up water bottled distribution system. The stakeholders involved in this project are KUKL, UN-HABITAT, PPPUE/UNDP and Podland Youth Club.

UN-Habitat and PPPUE/UNDP provided the financial support where as KUKL provided water for bottling. This project supported poor and so-called lower class indigenous newar community and poor renters. The project was implemented under public-private partnership model.




Water, Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH)