Demonstration of Water Bottling System for Urban Poor Communities in Kathmandu Valley ()

Start: 2007-07-03 - Complete: 2009-07-03

Partner: UN-Habitat/Water for Asian Cities

Project Area: Chyasal, LSMC

Project Duration: 2007/08 - 2008/09 (1.5 years)

UEMS initiated a model demonstration project of water bottling and distribution system in Koyelachhi, Chyasal of LSMC. The concept behind this is empowering the community established a community based water bottling and distribution system ensuring sustained function of the system. This project introduced the innovative concept of distribution of water in the 20-litre jerry cans along with collection of tariff from the users considering economic status of the family and services provided. The project is based on the assumption that one jerry can meets the drinking and cooking requirements of a household for a day or two, depending upon its size of HHs and rate of water consumption.

The project was able to serve 319 HHs in Chyasal area benefiting a total of 1,953 people. The project has been successfully operating with daily distribution capacity of 6000 litres.




Water, Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH)