Triyuga Integrated WASH Improvement Project (TIWIP)

Start: 2009-04-01 - Complete: 2017-03-31
Location: Triyuga Municipality, Udayapur
Project Cost: NRs. 35,130,393


Partner: WaterAid in Nepal, Triyuga Municipality, Citizen’s Forum

Project Area: Triyuga Municipality

Project Duration: 2010/11 (ongoing………)
Triyuga municipality, largest municipality of the country, has sanitation coverage of 54.84 % and only 29.30% of it is well-managed and hygienic. Similarly, water supply network is limited to 19% and remaining population is dependent on unsafe water sources. UEMS started implementation of integrated WASH improvement project in Triyuga Municipality from 2010/11. This project is still continuing and till date 458 households latrines, 2 institutional latrines has been constructed in ward 6 and 7 of the municipality and 11 Communities has been declared as ODF. Similarly, 11 tube wells, 7 dug wells has been rehabbed and 19 New tubewells been constructed along with initiation of construction of gravity flow water supply systems. Key achievement of through this project are expansion of project area outside Kathmandu valley, implementation of WASH project in integrated manner, integration of lobby and advocacy activities for improving WASH status through partnership with Citizen’s Forum, transition from graded subsidy to zero subsidy approach for sanitation promotion.



Water Aid


Water, Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH)