Sanrakshan Project ()

Start: 2013-11-1 - Complete: 2017-6-30
Location: Jharuwarasi of Bajrabarahi Municipality and Badikhel of Godawari Municipality, Lalitpur
Project Cost: NRs. 40,628,940

UEMS in collaboration with Lalitpur Brick Kiln Entrepreneurs Association and financial and technical support from COmic Relief and Terre des hommes is implementing " Sanrakshan Project" targeting workers and children in 6 brick kilns namely Bolbom Brick kiln, Hanuman Brick kiln, Bajra BarahiĀ  Brick kiln, Santaneshwor Brick Kiln, Bajra Brick Kiln, and Kantipur Brick Kiln and the host communities. UEMS is conducting different programs and activities on WASH, health and child protection in brick kilns and host communities under the project.




Child Protection