WASH Restoration in Lalipur ()

Start: 2016-6-1 - Complete: 2017-3-15
Location: Lalitpur (Badikhel, Chandanpur, Dukuchhap, Gotikhel, Sainbu and Thaiba)
Project Cost: NRs. 37,978,204

WASH Restoration in Lalitpur project has been implemented in partnership with International Medical Corps (IMC) to reduce the health risk from WASH related diseases of the earthquake affected population in Lalipur. The key activities of the project includes: the construction of water and sanitation facilities, hygiene behaviour promotion, strengthening capacity of the community groups on operation and maintenance of WASH facilities and improving WASH governance, accountability and building resilience throguh DRR sensitive programming.




Water, Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH)