We Rise Again: Shree Rudrayanee Madhyamik Vidhalaya Building Reconstruction Project ()

Start: 2015-11-01 - Complete: 2017-03-15
Location: Khokana, Lalitpur
Project Cost: NRs. 30,209,696

After the Mega earthquake of April 2015 that hit Nepal, devasted 14 districts of Nepal, claiming lives of nearly 9,000 and injuring about 22,000 people. The earthquake also destroyed 8,000 schools, directly affecting the education of about a million students. Shree Rudrayanee Madhyamik Vidhyalaya which is one of the oldest schools of Nepal, established in 1901 by Dev Samsher as a " PATHASHALA" located in Khokana, Karyabinayak Municipality was also destroyed by earthquake, effecting the education of 207 students.

Urban Environment Management Society ( UEMS), with support of Secours populaire francais ( SPF) initiated "We Rise Again: Shree Rudrayanee Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Building Reconstruction Project" to ensure safe learing environment, to minimize disruption in their education and to reduce the dropout rate due to the earthquake.The major components of the project are construction of 2 storey, 6 classroom building, provision of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities, as well as school furniture and landscape improvement for safe learning environment. 






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