Enhancing socio-economic empowerment of women through household level solid waste management and composting in Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Nepal ()

Start: 2017-11-01 - Complete: 2018-02-28
Location: Ward no. 7 of Lalitpur Metropolitan CIty
Project Cost: 1,351,717

The proposed project empowers women through developing small-scale business opportunities to women from the waste recycling through compost bin. The women's group "MA:Puch" will be trained to segregate waste at household level and produce compost manual by composting bio-degradable waste. They will also be trained terrace/ kitchen gardening using compost manure. The excess compost manure will be marketed through Sa: Pucha (representative Women's Group). 300 women in ward no. 7 of Lalitpur Metropolitan City will be the direct beneficiary of the project.  At the end of the project 300 households will be composting their household organic wastes, hence reducing waste production at household level by 70%. 15 % of the total non degradable waste of 300 households collected for reuse and recycle. 300 women make additional income by selling compost/papers/ plastics. They will also save money by reducing purchase of vegetables from the market through terrace/ kitchen gardening. Small scale business initiated within the women’s of the proposed community.  The Lalitpur Metropolitan City will be sensitized to carry forward and expand the similar activity in the city. 




Waste Management