Jogi Baba Also Needs Toilet At The Age Of 83

Mr. Mani Karna Das, 83, is a jogi baba living in Jorpokhari Tole Lane Organization, ward no. 7 of Triyuga Municipality. He lives with his wife in a small house and earns his livelihood by performing puja and sacred rituals. Mr. Das, who is in his mid-eighties, seems to have well understood the importance of sanitation. Though having to live in the rickety house, he is constructing a concrete toilet outside his house. “I had not even thought in my dreams that I would have a toilet in my house,” says Mr. Das, pointing towards his toilet under construction. “I have spent eight decades defecating in the open. Thanks to the Urban Environment Management Society (UEMS) for guiding me to construct toilet,” says Mr. Das, adding, “I am happy that I have been able to construct toilet at this age. I no longer have to defecate in the open and face humiliation from others for defecating in the open. I believe that toilet will be very useful to me and my family. I will make proper use of toilet till the end of my life,” he added.